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As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your valued employees and visitors are safe from injury and risk to health. Under the new WHS Act, Australian Standards 3760 and 3012, every business is required to maintain all electrical equipment and appliances. This means at Qualtech, we test and tag all ‘plug in’ type equipment.

We are dedicated to improving the safety of Brisbane businesses using electrical appliances to ensure that you, your employees and your clients can return home at the end of the day unaffected by electrical hazards.
So if you are looking for a Brisbane based business that will work with you and be respectful of your operational needs while offering great value for our services.

What does Test & Tag involve?

Visual Inspection: The most important test is a visual inspection of the device, especially the power leads. Cords should be firmly anchored in plugs, connections made solidly with no frayed ends.

Electrical Testing: The appliances will be tested with various equipment to look for any unseen electrical faults. These tests during our test & tag services in Brisbane include;

  • an insulation resistance test;
  • earth continuity,
  • earth routine or earth bond test;
  • a polarity test;
  • earth leakage test.

Record Keeping: Although the AS/NZ 3760:2010 does not refer to record keeping upon completion of any test, various codes of practices refer to this practice. In spite of this we recommend all information gathered in the test & tag process be recorded comprehensively, whether in a database or by hand in a log book.

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