Protect yourself, your family and your home by getting a professionally installed electrical safety switch by a licensed electrician from Qualtech Electrical.

Safety switches or RCD’s are designed to prevent an electric shock and save lives. These are designed to monitor the flow of electricity through circuits and automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical

Reasons you should have an electrical safety switch or RCD installed –

  • Installing an RCD will help prevent electric shock
  • The RCD can detect faulty dangerous appliances
  • Your RCD can pick up faulty wiring
  • An RCD can detect water in your electrical system
  • By wiring in an RCD it can help prevent electrical fires and damage to your property
  • All homes must be fitted with at least 2 RCD’s to comply with new laws.

Why you need a safety switch

A legal requirement

The Queensland law says all homes built since 1992 must have safety switches installed on power circuits. They are not an optional extra.

Building a new home

If you are building a new home, you must have a safety switch installed on both power and lighting circuits.

Buying a property

If you buy a property without a safety switch, you must install a safety switch for the power circuits within three months of a property transfer. This applies to any transfer of domestic premises.

Selling a property

If you sell a property, you first establish if a safety switch is installed for power circuits. This must be declared on the standard sales contract and Form 24 Property Transfer.

Rental home

Rental homes must have a safety switch installed by the owner for power points within 6 months of the agreement.

Legal obligation of property owners

If you buy a domestic residence or enter into a residential tenancy agreement for a domestic residence you own you have a legal requirement to have a safety switch installed for general purpose socket outlets if there is not already one installed

For professional electrical safety switch/RCD installation in Brisbane, contact the team at Qualtech Electrical today.